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In fact, you can also wear them in the bath or shower if the mood really takes you. You will be tormented by the sensation of your legs brushing against the sheets as you try to sleep. If you ladder a pair, you will buy a new pair to replace them. You will handwash each soiled pair every day.

Your new panties will be alternated with your old pair. Discard all your male undies now. You will not keep any. Even if you have to go to the doctor, you will do so in panties. There is no going back. Are you used to wearing pantyhose? Do you wonder about being discovered? So far, all you have changed is your clothes.

Not A Year For Sissies

In the next few assignments, you will change your attitude. What defines you as a man? Your cock does, no matter how puny and pathetic it is. A cock is not a feminine thing. From now on, you will call it your boyclit. Not any more. From now on, you may only cum when you have permission to cum. You are free to masturbate, in fact, you must masturbate regularly, but you will not cum without permission.

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The other problem with your boyclit is that it enables you to pee standing up. From now on you will sit down to pee like a proper girl. Pull down your trousers, pull down your pantyhose, pull down your panties and pee. Every time you pee, you will drop your panties. No popping your boyclit out over the top, okay, sissy? One must be a glossy, fashion monthly, one dedicated to hair and beauty, one aimed at somethings, with sexy, superficial questionnaires and one a trashy weekly. You will read everything in all of them, but pay particular attention to hair, makeup and fashion advice.

Soon you will need this advice. You will complete all the questionnaires. Find three hairstyles, three faces and three outfits that you like and masturbate over each, imagining you are the featured model. Which magazine had the majority of chosen pictures? You will get every issue from now on. Do not proceed to your next assignment until you have read all your magazines and sent off your subscription.

I hope you are still wearing panties and pantyhose, sissy. Have you cum since your last assignment? Did you find some pretty pictures to look at? If you are a good girl and doing as you are told, you will have been wanking furiously without release. Are you frustrated?

Is your boyclit standing to attention? But you might not want to. You will buy a dildo, either online or from a good old-fashioned sex shop.

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It MUST be realistically detailed and it must have a pair of balls at its base. It must also be thick. It needs to be realistic because you are going to suck it.

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And suck. The more realistic the dildo, the more realistic your experience of cocksucking. You are going to learn to be a good, sissy cocksucker. First, you will kiss the tip.

Then you will lick the tip, then down the shaft. Get it slick with your saliva. Then you will open your mouth and slide that juicy, fat cock between your lips, gently at first, then deeper and deeper until you feel it touch your throat. You may find you gag the first few times, but you will keep going until the balls are banging against your chin and your mouth is stuffed full of cock.

Now masturbate. Imagine you are the cocksucker in the picture below. Work that cock in and out of your mouth. Do NOT cum. Smear your pre-cum over the dildo, make it taste like a real cock. Keep going for 15 minutes. Do not cum. Do this every day for three days. After your third fifteen minutes, you may cum, but collect all your cum in a small glass and smear your dildo with it, making sure there is plenty on the head. Now suck your dildo again for a further five minutes.

Make sure you have licked your dildo completely clean and you have emptied the glass. Savor the taste of cum. Imagine it is a real cock; a real cock you have sucked to orgasm and licked clean. A real man would never do that.

Repeat this cycle three times before proceeding to your next assignment. From now on, you will drink every last drop of your cum. Do you enjoy sucking cock? One so realistic you can feel the head slide over your tongue? Do you like the taste of your cum yet?

  • So just who is the real sissy, then?.
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Do you find it humiliating? Well, your cocksucking is going to be even more humiliating from now on.

  1. Shop with confidence.
  2. Sissy Boy Tops!
  3. Coaching Football For Dummies;
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  5. Leave the sissy jobs to the pretty boys;
  6. Sissy kept in Chastity Blowjob and Bred by her Daddy - siecapdili.ml.
  7. Firstly, you are to increase your cocksucking practice to twice a day, morning and night. Secondly, you are to watch yourself sucking cock in a mirror.

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    Thirdly, you are going to wear lipstick. Not just any lipstick. Bright, fiery red lipstick. What could be more exciting than watching a pair of glossy, red lips swallow a thick cock?

    Sissy Mixed Stripe Collar Dress

    And what could be more humiliating than knowing they are your bright, red lips swallowing a large and very realistic cock. Your lipstick will be smeared over your face and down the shaft of the dildo. You will taste lipstick, intermingled with the rubbery taste of dildo and the taste of pre-cum. As this will be very arousing for you, you must restrict your orgasms to once every five days. This means you must put on lipstick and suck cock in a mirror ten times before you spurt.

    Is that clear? Will you be able to stop yourself cum?

    White Collared Sissies White Collared Sissies
    White Collared Sissies White Collared Sissies
    White Collared Sissies White Collared Sissies
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    White Collared Sissies

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