The Dark Deeps (Modo: Mission Clockwork Book 2)

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The first novel in the series debuted in After the release of Draugr, Slade would follow that up with the sequel later in the same year. The third novel in the series, The Loki Wolf, came out in Draugr is the debut book in the Northern Frights series. This popular fiction series came out in and readers have not been able to get enough of it since! This is a blend of the United States meets Canada as various children go through an experience while on their journey to visit a relative up north.

The children are from America, but their grandfather resides in Canada in the Manitoba area. They have decided to go visit him to see how he is doing, but they are in no way prepared for what is about to meet them when they go on their journey. The children are not used to mythology— hearing about it or experiencing anything close to real.

When they go through an event that involves the mythology of Iceland, they are suddenly realizing that maybe this place is a little different than what they are used to back in America. Icelandic mythology involves a tale where the man that returns up from dead is seeking the revenge that he deserves.

Some people are not all that afraid of people that have died or of death itself. The only thing that will stop him will be someone that is bold enough to end his mission and his second life once and for all. Main character Sarah Asmundson has spent her entire life preparing for this moment and she does not even know it. She does not yet know how to answer that question of whether the dead scare her. Such is the case sometimes. She is ready for the scary stories of her grandfather but does not know that the story events and the things in them may just yet come to life.

Burst into reality on the wings of a dragon— not really but almost— a draugr is about to hit the scene. She is no way prepared when this happens but must deal with it anyway. According to the legends, this is a man that returns out of death and is among the living. Reanimated and with no good intentions in his heart, this thing is the start of a series of strange things. The events of the story are coming to life all around Sarah.

She will give it her all and see if she wins with honor or has to suffer the agony of defeat. Read this story for yourself to find out by picking up a copy of this novel and see if the draugr wins or if Sarah is able to take it on in this modern take on the fairy tale classic stories of old.

The Haunting of Drang Island is the interesting second novel and sequel to the first in the Frights series by Arthur Slade. This is a young adult book but I enjoyed listening to it as an adult! Very creative plot line chock full of adventure! The narrator did a great job narrating and really pulled you into the story! Get Your Free Audiobook. Mission Clockwork: Publisher's Pack Books 1 and 2. Written by: Arthur Slade. Narrated by: Derek Perkins. Length: 14 hrs and 41 mins. What members say. Amazon Reviews. No Reviews are Available.

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Sort by:. Modo and Colette spend this adventure together which takes them underwater to a strange life aboard their world's first submarine; they are taken to the ideological, socialist, utopia the captain is building and protecting. But they have been infiltrated and it isn't long before the Clockwork Guild shows up in the form of Miss Hakkandottir.

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I loved this book, even more than the first one I think! Taking to the underwater world is exciting and creates a unique setting compared to book one.

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One thing I really like that Slade has done here is rather than populate book two with all the characters he has already established, he's chosen a few to be the heroes and villain, given the others smaller parts or mere mentions, while allowing a few new characters to make a fresh story. I find this way of writing a series keeps it vibrant and original.

Modo's relationship with Colette was intriguing and very different than his with Octavia. Colette, being French, is more forward with Modo and he experiences some new dynamics with a woman. I loved Colette, she is a fiery character who charges every page she is on.

While Octavia is not as central a figure this time around she still has enough time in the story to satisfy fans and she also goes through some emotional experiences that the reader at least can tell have affected her feelings for Modo. The plot itself is non-stop action with an ever present disturbing atmosphere. The new villain is a creepy presence and Miss Hakkandottir is her glorious cruel and ego-centric self.

A great entry in The Hunchback Assignments brings another dark, atmospheric story that starts in an alternate London but travels to America, Iceland and down into the oceanic dark deeps. Dec 27, Sensitivemuse rated it really liked it. This one rather focuses more on Modo and Colette another spy but for the French aboard a submarine. The addition of Griff into the story- who makes a perfect creepy villain, also made the book a great read. What I enjoyed the most out of the story is the underwater city. I absolutely loved that part! It was like reading a description of the lost city of Atlantis.

He does make a chilling villain despite this book meant for children, I have read nasty villains before, but this one fits perfect for the target age audience. I thought Colette and Modo made a great team! I thought they were going to be in the book for longer but no, so it was just a little disappointing.

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I was hoping for more of Miss Hakkandottir. This was a great follow up to the First Hunchback Assignments. I did recently grab the third one; Empire of Ruins and am hoping it will be just as good!

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Nov 09, Peg rated it really liked it Shelves: adventure , disabilities , young-adult , fantasy. Information garnered sends the pair to the seas near Iceland as they try to identify the sea monster mysteriously attacking ships there. Also onboard is another captive, the French spy Colette; Griff, an invisible agent of the Clockwork Guild who was tailing Modo, also slips aboard.

Modo and Colette plot to gain their freedom; Griff tries to convince Modo he is another agent of Mr. Socrates; and all three seek to be first to inform their leaders of their discovery. This exciting tale offers an exciting underwater world, conflicted characters, romance, and thrilling and bold undertakings. Socrates roles are greatly diminished from Book One. May 09, Jenny rated it it was amazing Shelves: , young-adult , historical , fantasy.

Mission Clockwork (The Dark Deeps, Book 2)

Another adventure with Modo and Octavia. This time they set out to see to investigate a possible sea monster causing havoc in the northern Atlantic.

The ship they are on gets rammed and Modo is tossed into the frigid waters. He gets rescued by the crew of the Ictineo, a submarine patrolling in the area and learns the real reason they are marking their territory in this part of the ocean.

The Dark Deeps (Modo: Mission Clockwork Book 2) The Dark Deeps (Modo: Mission Clockwork Book 2)
The Dark Deeps (Modo: Mission Clockwork Book 2) The Dark Deeps (Modo: Mission Clockwork Book 2)
The Dark Deeps (Modo: Mission Clockwork Book 2) The Dark Deeps (Modo: Mission Clockwork Book 2)
The Dark Deeps (Modo: Mission Clockwork Book 2) The Dark Deeps (Modo: Mission Clockwork Book 2)
The Dark Deeps (Modo: Mission Clockwork Book 2) The Dark Deeps (Modo: Mission Clockwork Book 2)
The Dark Deeps (Modo: Mission Clockwork Book 2) The Dark Deeps (Modo: Mission Clockwork Book 2)

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