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Rick Ruskin's music, while guitaristic with things like hammer ons and bends and so forth -- technique is always secondary to the music.

You could compare him to Pete Huttlinger in that regard. I have played for about 25 years since I was a teenager and just in the last few years, I feel my own playing has improved because I have concentrated on musical phrasing -- playing loud notes loud and soft notes soft and shaping a phrase to fit the music.


Rick Ruskin's music is a great example of how sometimes its not how many notes you play but how you play them that makes the difference between art and crap. Do yourself a favor and check him out.

COM " In these days of all the high-energy slaps and electronics effects, it is most rewarding to find an inventive guitarist who can deliver the guitar in the original steel and wood sound Ruskin may be the smoothest technical player around. Flashy, fast, inventive and musical and that isn't easy.

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He has impeccable technique and the good taste and sense to know that merely showing off technical wizardry can be deathly boring. Ruskin's touch is peerless, his playing is flawless Ruskin has enjoyable stage presence Ruskin creates some of the most beautifully toned guitar solos ever heard Ruskin is one of the finest people I've heard in a long time.

His vocals come across with ease and a brilliance that brings to mind Cat Stevens As a guitarist, he is unbelievably great. The man has a style that makes each song new and exciting to listen to Though I have nothing against Leo Kottke, 'the greatest folk guitarist on earth does seem a bit overstated. Log in to write a review. Excellent overall from a player with a different fingerstyle apporach.

Rick Ruskin, like Fahey, Lang, and Kottke, is a skilled acoustic guitarist who writes his own tunes. The difference, however, is the application of a singular style and viewpoint developed over decades.

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One of the approaches that distinguishes Ruskin from his colleagues is his defining use of the bass, which, on several of the tunes contained herein, provides a significant accompaniment to the treble melody. Many of these songs evidence a pleasing, jaunty feel with low-key funky basslines that keep the melodies moving. Lullaby, by contrast, is as the name implies a soft, lilting, hummable tune perfect to sending a child off to sleep. Ruskin has quite a nice way with a melody, as is most readily apparent on Art By Accident, where the treble lines and accompanying bass complement each other and provide a memorable balance.

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Some of the tunes are almost like old friendsthere being something familiar in the tune; Gratitude and Places To Hide come to mind here. Ironically, given the album title, implying an all-instrumental effort, there are two songs with Ruskin's heartfelt vocal accompaniment. These also happen to be the only two tunes with other instrumentation and, frankly, neither works well. The break in instrumentation only serves to jar the mood created by the intimate recording of the unaccompanied acoustic guitar on the other songs.

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Despite Ruskin's pleasant voice, as in Words Fail Me, ultimately, the songs do not work in the overall context of the album. Still twelve out of fourteen is not bad. Rick Ruskin is one of those artists with subtlety and skill who deserve a much wider audience. One can only hope that NPR or the like will find this recording and give it a national airing. Ruskin deserves to be heard, as does this well-recorded and generally quite intimate recording.

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Ruskin is a premiere guitarist taking the 6 string into a melodic easy rhythmic arena that many attempt, but few achieve, as in the jazz ballad feel of "Lullaby" or the warm rolling stop time of "See-Saw. In these days of all the high-energy slaps, pull-offs, electronic effects, it is most rewarding to find an inventive guitarist who can deliver the guitar in the original steel and wood sound This is a most rewarding recording which is balanced, clear, clean and the solo guitar pieces like "Heavy Traffic" will stand the test of time for beauty and musicality.

Anglia Ruskin is a keen promoter of entrepreneurial skills amongst students, having been voted Entrepreneurial University of the Year in A number of our recent graduates have founded their own businesses after concluding their studies with us, going on to set up recording studios, a PA hire company and a loudspeaker manufacturing company.

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Ruskin on music Ruskin on music
Ruskin on music Ruskin on music
Ruskin on music Ruskin on music
Ruskin on music Ruskin on music
Ruskin on music Ruskin on music
Ruskin on music Ruskin on music
Ruskin on music Ruskin on music
Ruskin on music Ruskin on music

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