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Cari Donaldson.

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Pope vs. Pope: How Francis and Benedict’s Simmering Conflict Could Split the Catholic Church

But out of the blue one day, I was contacted by an acquisitions editor from a Catholic publisher, she asked me to come up with a book proposal, and indicated that her company would be interested in publishing me. Q: How did your family weather the writing process and how do the kids and your awesome husband Ken feel about the sharing of some of your family experiences in book format?

As the kids get older, they get more input into what I share with the Intergooglewebz. When writing the book, I really tried to protect the privacy of non-family members as much as possible. Q: If you could go back ten years and give your former self some faith and maternal advice, what would it be? You need to open your heart so you can be given actual, real, useful answers!

Motherhood is supposed to be joyful. Why so serious?


Q: What do you hope that readers — and particularly moms — will take from their experience of reading Pope Awesome? I write more or less daily at my blog, clan-donaldson. I also try to do two pieces a month for catholicexchange. Q: Are there any additional thoughts or comments you would like to share with our readers? Marriage and motherhood are the two things that have changed me, and opened me to change, more than anything else in my life, combined. Humor and joy are the things we desperately need to move from simply enduring the trials by fire we undergo through those relationships to embracing them.

Seeking out the humorous, the joyful in life can be a positive spiritual discipline. Check out some few among many great things that he has done as the Successor of Peter and Head of the Catholic Church. To show his humility, he chose to ride in an ordinary car rather than in a luxurious one.

After he was elected, he rode with the other Cardinals in the minibus. But not only that, instead of riding around in the a luxurious Mercedes, he choose this year-old Renault to ride around the Vatican city. It was given to him as a gift with almost , miles on it.

Cari Donaldson: The Catholic Mom Who's Raising "Pope Awesome"

This is not clearly safe, but something tells me this awesome Pope is not too concerned about dying. With this, he created and established organizations that can become his loving hands. When Pope Francis saw Vinicia Riva, a man whose body is covered in boils, he did not hesitate to put his arms around him. This was an extraordinary action done by the Pope to a man who was often ridiculed in public.

13 Surprising Things You Didn’t Know About Being Pope

He encouraged everyone, especially Christians, to respect the lives of homosexuals. He asserted that no one should judge homosexuals who painstakingly search for the Lord and do good things to others. However, he maintained that the work of the Church as the protector of the moral ascendency of the people should always be remembered. It was customary for the Pope to celebrate Holy Week in the Vatican.

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  7. To commemorate the passion of Christ, he simply kissed the 12 feet of young offenders as a sign of humility despite being the Head of the Church. It became very touching when he also washed the feet of women and Muslims. Please take note that it was not a tradition to kiss the feet of the women and especially other religions during the Holy Week service. As the Pope visited Brazil, he felt the need on the protection of the Amazon from the ranchers and farmers who are trying to overrun the natives.

    A rape victim has revitalized her faith in God, when Pope Francis called her unexpectedly. She did not anticipate that a Pope would answer her letter. Well, he is one of a kind. He really gives time to ordinary people especially to those who are oppressed. The woman was spiritually comforted by Pope Francis.

    Three Hilariously Terrible Popes

    When he was still a bishop and cardinal, he was used of visiting the homeless, street children and the needy in order to let them feel that Christ was always present within them, especially during their turbulent moments. Being a Pope did not hinder him to continue this act of love.

    Pope Awesome and Other Stories Pope Awesome and Other Stories
    Pope Awesome and Other Stories Pope Awesome and Other Stories
    Pope Awesome and Other Stories Pope Awesome and Other Stories
    Pope Awesome and Other Stories Pope Awesome and Other Stories
    Pope Awesome and Other Stories Pope Awesome and Other Stories

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