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We’re working with 10 groups across Scotland to carry out community-led action research.

The busiest, most successful people in the world find at least an hour to learn every day. So can you! The 5-hour rule means you are always doing something that will help you learn a new skill. I use this statistic a lot because I just find it astounding. Astounding and gross. Americans watch five hours of television a day. For what? What does that do for anyone? Are you learning anything, is that improving your life or your relationships?

Is it making you richer, smarter, healthier, funnier? Watching five hours of television a day does none of those things.

It makes you dull, fat, lonely and stupid. Turn that fucking television OFF! There is the empty space you need to feed your brain, your heart, and your wallet. Andrew is a perfect example of what happens when you create empty space. He lost a bet with Laura and had to give them up for one month. He used that time, that empty space, to create Investable which is another of his successful experiments.

Be deliberate about your learning, make a plan.

Knowledge is Power

If you wanted to build wealth , you would have a plan for that right? You would break that goal down into manageable steps.

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Learning is the same. You should have goals for what you want to learn and break those goals down into smaller steps. The core of the 5-hour rule is that you dedicate one hour a day during the work week one hour per day five days a week to reading knowledge focused material.

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All reading is not created equal. This hour should be dedicated to reading non-fiction on a subject that will improve the skills you use to make money or to teach you skills that will improve your life.

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That might mean reading a book on investing or buying rental property or technical journals based on the field you work in. It can mean reading a book about how to grow your own food or how to retile your bathroom. This is not the time to read the latest John Grisham novel. You need to spend time thinking about what you are learning.

One of the best ways to do this is to walk. There is something about movement that frees your mind. Walking can help untangle problems and generate new ideas. Some therapists conduct their sessions while walking with clients for this very reason. Part of being successful is surrounding yourself with like-minded people so make sure you do that as part of your 5-hour rule strategy. Run small experiments based on what you have learned and are learning. LMM started out as an experiment, and it has become a successful one.

But Andrew tried and failed at several other projects before hitting on a winner. Even if something you try turns out to be a complete disaster, you undoubtedly will learn something in the process even if that something is what not to do. Your passion, something you can be successful at might not be something you even really considered.

I never had any ambition to be a writer, it never even occurred to me. I just sort of fell ass-backward into it. About five years ago I decided I needed to be better at managing my money. I like podcasts so went looking for one that would teach me how to do that. It started a conversation, he thought I had a good voice, a few days later we met in a bar in downtown Manhattan, and the rest is history.

I make a full time living writing now. Those are not big asks. There are a million things you could do that would tick all of those boxes.


And that is what it means to have a passion. Your passion could be accounting, teaching, cooking, or working with animals. Listen, Money Matters. Just download the app, connect over Wi-Fi, and off you go. Up to six players can enter the fabled Pyramid of Knowledge, running from room to room as you try to work out who's the pharaohest of them all. It's not just about trivia, but tactics too - you can slow your opponents down with strategic Power Plays and tricky touch-screen challenges. Players also get to choose the question categories, voting for their favourites and vetoing those they're less keen on.

It's just like Britain's Got Talent, except with less talking dogs and high-waisted trousers. Please note: Preowned versions may not include additional content. Features Bye bye buttons — As a PlayLink game, Knowledge is Power can be played with phones and tablets, using touchscreen controls. It's simple - if your Grandma can use Facebook, she can do this. Be the star of the show — Because few of us can go an hour without taking a picture of our own face these days, Knowledge is Power lets you customise your characters with selfies.

You're guided through the Pyramid of Knowledge by Max, a gameshow host with charm, confidence, and more teeth than a toothpaste ad. Let's talk tactics — Don't worry if you're rubbish at quiz questions - use Power Plays like bombs and ice to sabotage your smarter opponents. You can even gang up with others, forming alliances and devising devious plots to bring your rivals down.

It's just like regular family life! Explore the Pyramid of Knowledge —What have the Egyptians ever done for us, apart from invent written language, paper, and mints? Well, they inspire 21st century video game quizzes, of course. The rooms in the Pyramid of Knowledge contain thousands of questions to choose from, and you can vote for or veto them as you go. Make it to the top and you'll compete in the Grand Finale - a frantic mashup of rapid-fire questions and dastardly Power Plays that will see one winner crowned, and everyone else crying for their mummies.

We’re working with 10 groups across Scotland to carry out community-led action research.

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Knowledge Is Power Knowledge Is Power
Knowledge Is Power Knowledge Is Power
Knowledge Is Power Knowledge Is Power
Knowledge Is Power Knowledge Is Power
Knowledge Is Power Knowledge Is Power
Knowledge Is Power Knowledge Is Power
Knowledge Is Power Knowledge Is Power
Knowledge Is Power Knowledge Is Power
Knowledge Is Power

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