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Swers, a professor of government at Georgetown University who studies gender and policy making. In a new analysis of the , public bills introduced in the House between and , to be published in print in Political Science Research and Methods, researchers found that women were significantly more likely than men to sponsor bills in areas like civil rights, health and education. Men were more likely to sponsor bills in agriculture, energy and macroeconomics.

Another study , of State of the State speeches from to published in State and Local Government Review, found that female governors devoted much more attention to social welfare issues than male governors did, even after controlling for political and situational factors.

Exactly how fit to become president are Bernie Sanders, Kamala Harris or Elizabeth Warren?

Women are less likely to vote for war or the death penalty. Yet when women are in executive positions, the opposite is true: They are more hawkish than men.

The researchers said that could be in part because of a need to overcome stereotypes of women as weak. Margaret Thatcher, Golda Meir and Indira Gandhi, all of whom governed in conflicts, were described as governing like men.

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Over all, female lawmakers are just as successful as men at getting their bills passed — except when the bills are about issues affecting women, health, education and social welfare, according to the new study of four decades of House bills by Craig Volden of the University of Virginia, Alan E. Wiseman of Vanderbilt University and Dana E. Wittmer of Colorado College.

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Then, only 1 percent of bills sponsored by women passed, compared with 4 percent of all bills. Send Message. Download Powerpoint.

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