Erotic Histories (Bundle)

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His hands brushed aside a strand of hair from my face and gently brought me closer. Then, Adrian brought me in for a passionate kiss. As he seduced me with his exotic flavor, a shot of pleasure shot down my spine like a thunderbolt. My virginal eagerness overcame my naivety as we progressed into a deeper kiss. My breasts pressed against his broad chest as he brought me in deeper and deeper.

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Soon, my hands became entangled within his wild hair. Adrian wrapped his arms around me and dug his fingertips into the folds of my supple flesh. The emotions I felt were so frighteningly foreign yet intoxicatingly exhilarating. It seemed as though I was on an emotional rollercoaster that went from crest to valley and back to another crest. It was as if the pages of my romance books come to life.

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Changing room Lesbian Seduction. Milfs Couples Seduction, The.

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Erotic Histories (Bundle) Erotic Histories (Bundle)
Erotic Histories (Bundle) Erotic Histories (Bundle)
Erotic Histories (Bundle) Erotic Histories (Bundle)
Erotic Histories (Bundle) Erotic Histories (Bundle)
Erotic Histories (Bundle) Erotic Histories (Bundle)
Erotic Histories (Bundle) Erotic Histories (Bundle)
Erotic Histories (Bundle) Erotic Histories (Bundle)
Erotic Histories (Bundle) Erotic Histories (Bundle)

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