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I am surprised you fear Google, Mathias. I thought you were stronger than that. Byline by Jeff Jarvis. Lack of sampling and lack of molecular data remain the main impediments in ameliorating this predicament. My doctoral thesis focuses on the diversity and distribution of the family Ranidae on Sumatra, particularly the subgroup of taxa that possess gastromyzophorous tadpoles as an adaptation for living in torrential habitats.

Ranids with gastromyzophorous tadpoles collectively known as Cascade Frogs were previously known only for the genus Amolops, Meristogenys, and Huia. In Sumatra, until my study, only Huia sumatrana had been positively known to have this larval type. Despite the abundance of many suitable stream habitats no other forms with gastromyzophorous tadpoles has been reported. The aim of my doctoral research was twofold: 1 investigate the existence of additional species with this highly specialized tadpole type in Sumatra, and 2 given the high dependency of the larval stage on stream habitat, this group of frogs is a suitable taxon for testing the hypothesis whether distribution patterns of Sumatran species are congruent with patterns of the Pleistocene-river systems.

Species discovery.

My study was the first comprehensive sampling of riparian ranid frogs along a full range longitudinal transect of Sumatra, with special emphasis on the Cascade Frogs. This study was also the first to employ a molecular genetic approach to confirm the identity barcoding of frogs and their gastromyzophorous tadpoles from Sumatra.

My data reveal more diversity within the Sumatran Cascade Frog assemblage than previously known.

I have successfully identified gastromyzophorous tadpoles from Sumatra as larval forms of the endemic frog previously thought to belong to Chalcorana crassiovis, using the 12S and 16S mitochondrial gene fragments. My larger phylogenetic analyses from both mitochondrial and nuclear gene fragments also suggest the recognition of two other previously unrecognized distinct lineages that are related to the aforementioned species.

Thus, along with corroborating evidence e. My phylogenetic work also shows unexpected levels of genetic diversity within Huia samples from Sumatra. My analyses suggest the recognition of at least three distinct lineages of the genus Huia on this island. The effect of paleo-drainage systems on lineage diversification. My phylogenetic analyses show no conclusive evidence for the watersheds driving cladogenesis in these frogs.

However, the results demonstrated that distribution of the Sumatran Cascade Frogs were genetically structured into the northern and southern lineages on the island. According to this study, I believe that for certain groups of animals, especially those that are not entirely restricted to river habitats in their life cycle e. Furthermore, based on my divergence time analysis, the Cascade Frogs have diversified in Sumatra much earlier than the occurrence of the paleo-river systems.


The result of my study are anticipated to help with predicting geographic patterns of their diversity as well as guiding research on anurans in the Sunda region for bio-discovery and conservation. In conclusion, my study is convincing evidence that Sumatran frog diversity is still significantly underestimated and new discoveries can be expected.

Strategic sampling efforts need to be undertaken to reveal the unknown diversity and geographic patterns present on the island. For example in my thesis, I also delimited a new Pulchrana species from Sumatra as well as extend the geographical range of its sister species P. On broader level, my work demonstrated that comprehensive geographic and thorough sampling of adult and larva forms in biological hotspots such as Sumatra, as well as integration of different sources of evidence are essential to disentangle the taxonomic and phylogenetic problems of the tropical regions, particularly for cryptic or near cryptic species commonly found in the tropics.

Furthermore, my finding on the north-south geographical partitioning of Cascade Frogs on the island needs further corroboration with other taxa. This distribution patterns might shed light on the geographical history of the island that will be beneficial for designing conservation priorities in the region. Trotz vieler geeigneter Bachhabitate waren bisher keine anderen gastromyzophoren Kaulquappen nachgewiesen worden.

Meine umfangreichen phylogenetischen Analysen, sowohl von mitochondrialen als auch nuklearen Genfragmenten, legen die Anerkennung zweier bisher nicht bekannte Abstammungslinien als eigene Arten nahe, die eng mit der genannten Arten verwandt sind. Zusammen mit anderen Beweisen z. Raniden mit gastromyzophoren Kaulquappen , wahrscheinlich nicht ausschlaggebend ist. Solche Techniken analysieren die Ereignisdaten, die im Zuge der Transaktionsverarbeitung erzeugt werden.

Der vorgestellte Algorithmus vereinigt die Kontrollfluss- und Datenflussperspektive.

The preparation of business plans and their use in monitoring insolvency triggers

Enterprise resource planning ERP systems are key components in modern organizations to support and automate the operation of business processes. Companies publish financial reports to inform stakeholders about the economic and financial performance of the organization. A major data source for preparing these reports is the data that is produced by ERP systems. Due to their important role in the economic system financial reports are audited by public accountants. Accounting scandals in recent years have shown that auditors have not been able to prevent these scandals or at least to indicate any violations before the actual collapse.

An important part of financial audits is the audit of business processes and related internal controls. The rationale for auditing business processes is the assumption that well-controlled business processes lead to complete and correct postings on the financial accounts. Despite the increasing integration of information technology for the automation of business processes public accountants primarily still use traditional and mostly manual audit procedures to carry out their process audits.

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These procedures are time-consuming and error-prone. The application of automated audit procedures would reduce this imbalance. This thesis follows a design science-oriented research approach and introduces several artifacts that can be used to create business process models by using process mining techniques. Such techniques analyze the event log data that is recorded during the processing of business transactions. Several other presented artifacts are also useful for other application areas. The algorithm integrates the control flow and data flow perspective. It operates on different abstraction levels, creates precise and fitting process models, accepts unlabeled and non-linear event logs from ERP systems as input, and considers data relationships to infer the control flow.

Its application can improve the analysis of business processes which is an important part in process audits. The automation of certain process audit procedures will most likely not prevent accounting scandals in the future.

Helmut Korner

But it can be used to improve process audits and to set free resources from auditing standard business transactions that can then be spent on the auditing of non-standard transactions that commonly exhibit a much higher risk than standard transactions. Charakterisierung von Interleukin als therapeutische Zielstruktur im Multiplen Myelom []. Ziel dieser Arbeit war daher, die biologische Funktion von IL in der malignen Plasmazelle zu identifizieren und zu untersuchen, inwiefern das Cytokin die Pathogenese des Multiplen Myeloms beeinflusst.

Myelomzellen eines weit fortgeschrittenen Stadiums reagierten dabei am sensibelsten auf den Verlust von IL Durch die Identifizierung des tumorprogressiven Effekts von IL im Multiplen Myelom wurde die bekannte physiologische Funktion des Cytokins als chemotaktischer Faktor und Immunmodulator erstmals um die Relevanz im onkologischen Kontext erweitert. Die vorgestellten Ergebnisse unterstreichen das Potential von IL, als eine therapeutisch relevante Zielstruktur in der Behandlung des Multiplen Myeloms zu fungieren.

Multiple myeloma is a hematological malignancy, which emerges from a deregulated plasma cell located in the bone marrow. Even though several new and effective modes of therapy have been introduced for the treatment of myeloma, the disease is characterized by a high rate of relapses and therefore still considered incurable.

Interestingly, IL expression levels correlate positively with the severity of the disease and a poor outcome of the patients. Hence, the aim of the current study was to investigate whether the molecular function of IL is associated with the progression of myeloma. The first part of this study demonstrates that IL gene expression and IL protein biosynthesis is upregulated in myeloma cells.

Further, a periodicity in its expression pattern could be observed which indicates a cyclic regulation of IL production. Myeloma cells demonstrated an aberrant and deregulated secretion of bioactive IL leading to highly increased levels of this cytokine in the extra cellular space.

Experiments investigating the activity of Caspase-3 and its correlation with processed and released IL suggested the abnormal IL secretion pattern is based on permanent basal activity of this protease.

Guide Die Wahrnehmung von Bewegungen: Biomechanik und phänomenologische Sicht (German Edition)

The majority of cells that were tested positive for intracellular IL expression were able to secrete the mature cytokine independently of external activation stimuli. The second part of the current study describes the development of a reliable knock down system for effective repression of IL production. Using this approach whole gene expression profiles of IL positive and IL negative myeloma cells were explored. By comparing both groups it was shown that IL promotes the cell growth of myeloma cells. Furthermore, IL contributed to cell viability and inhibited tumor cell differentiation.

Myeloma cells of advanced stages of the disease were affected most by the loss of IL expression.

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Additional analyses were performed to confirm gene expression profiles determined by micro array studies. As indicated in the previous part, IL proved to be a contributing factor of myeloma cell proliferation. In particular, IL had an impact on cell cycle progression during S-phase-G2-phase transition. Furthermore, it upregulated important growth stimulating factors implicated in the pathogenesis of multiple myeloma.

Additionally, the postulated positive effect of IL on cell viability was confirmed by functional assays. Importantly, IL knock down was shown to dramatically reduce the clonogenic growth of myeloma precursor cells, which are suspected to be responsible for the high rate of relapses in myeloma patients. By identifying the strong effects of IL on the progression of multiple myeloma the well established function of IL as a chemotactic factor and immunomodulator could be extended in an oncological context for the first time. These results underline its potential as a therapeutic target structure for the treatment of multiple myeloma.

Dies erfolgte anhand der folgenden drei Fragestellungen: 1. Zudem wurde eine Verlaufsgruppeneinteilung mit vier Gruppen nach theoriegeleiteten Kriterien vorgenommen. Die gewonnenen Ergebnisse werden auf inhaltlicher Ebene diskutiert und in Bezug zu bisherigen empirischen Befunden gesetzt.

Inpatient treatment duration for patients with mental disorders has constantly been reduced over the last years, although the symptom course and dose-response-relationship has only been sparsely analysed. To date, little is known on the process of change during inpatient treatment.

Der Business-Plan aus ökonomischer Sicht (German Edition) Der Business-Plan aus ökonomischer Sicht (German Edition)
Der Business-Plan aus ökonomischer Sicht (German Edition) Der Business-Plan aus ökonomischer Sicht (German Edition)
Der Business-Plan aus ökonomischer Sicht (German Edition) Der Business-Plan aus ökonomischer Sicht (German Edition)
Der Business-Plan aus ökonomischer Sicht (German Edition) Der Business-Plan aus ökonomischer Sicht (German Edition)
Der Business-Plan aus ökonomischer Sicht (German Edition) Der Business-Plan aus ökonomischer Sicht (German Edition)
Der Business-Plan aus ökonomischer Sicht (German Edition) Der Business-Plan aus ökonomischer Sicht (German Edition)
Der Business-Plan aus ökonomischer Sicht (German Edition) Der Business-Plan aus ökonomischer Sicht (German Edition)

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