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Using 12 x 14 inches dry mark erasable boards are an asset when labeling frames. Maintenance Manual All of these sources should be considered as documentation. All of these drawings exist in three formats: Archived originals, Photocopied working copies, Aperture card images for reproduction. Current Working Drawings Current working drawings detailing the "as-worked" or "as-repaired" or "as-restored" configurations are important as accurate records of the dimensional and configuration changes within the ship.

For the recent Rehabilitation and Restoration of Constitution , NHCDET Boston has logged over 5, volunteer hours generating measured drawings of inboard and outboard profiles, sail and rigging plans, and decks as work progressed on Constitution.

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Working drawings of the "as-found" conditions may assist in documenting archeological studies in determining previous structure of the ship. Constitution generated archeological drawings to help identify earlier ship structure particularly old fasteners' holes in the lower futtock sections of Constitution. It is important to document both the "before" and "after" configuration and condition as physical work progresses on the ship.


These are the primary sources such as Logbooks, Letter books, Journals, Notebooks, Receipts, Contracts, and known Period Reference Sources such as reference texts and manuals. Repeated searching requires ease of access and the capability to search for individual key words. Transcription of original manuscripts on to the PC makes this possible. Transcription as an electronic copy preserves the original document and makes the copy infinitely transportable. Additional transcription of period letters, repair records, sourced from records from the yard, town, or state where the repair was completed, and logbooks are planned.

There are estimated to be about 20, pages that are readily available, with an unknown quantity that remain to be found. These historic records yield much information concerning sizes, dimensions, and repairs to Constitution. Notebooks from designers, constructors, crew, etc. Newspaper, journal, and letters are all collectable as official records. Video broadcast formats are also collectable. These sources will eventually become part of the historic record of the ship.

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Within the organization, current Work orders, Change Orders, Personnel lists, etc. These sources need to be documented and archived. As a matter of habit, everything is photocopied as the original is archived and working copies are distributed.

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MODELS Historic Models Historic period models help define the ship's configuration, either through the research of a contemporary modeller or in the configuration of a known period model itself. There are about 15 models of Constitution depicting Constitution in various configurations and time periods. Contemporary Working Models Models have been used two times to determine the hull configuration a scale model of the ship's structure and sailing behavior a rigged tow tank test sailing model of Constitution. These models are important documents of the existing structure of the ship and our understanding of the ship's behavior.

Documentation provides the source information for answering the question: What, How, and Why. It is both the current active creation of the historic record of the ship for future use as well as the historic research to support the on-going work. In the short term, documentation enables the administrative functions to continue -- sourcing of materials, planning, estimating and scheduling of labor, tooling, facilities for the on-going maintenance. Jeremy Lister, who was wounded on the retreat, wrote of ' general firing upon us from all quarters, from behind hedges and walls'.

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    Constitution Repair Manual Constitution Repair Manual
    Constitution Repair Manual Constitution Repair Manual
    Constitution Repair Manual Constitution Repair Manual
    Constitution Repair Manual Constitution Repair Manual
    Constitution Repair Manual Constitution Repair Manual
    Constitution Repair Manual Constitution Repair Manual
    Constitution Repair Manual Constitution Repair Manual
    Constitution Repair Manual Constitution Repair Manual
    Constitution Repair Manual

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