Biowarfare and Terrorism

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Biological warfare agents

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Biological warfare: an emerging threat in the 21st century: 1/01

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For full-text availability in LC of individual journals, consult a reference librarian.

Vaccine Science Articles

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WikiLeaks cables: US officials voiced fears India could be target of biological terrorism

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The birth of the U. Scientific American , v.

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Borio, Luciana, and others. Hemorrhagic fever viruses as biological weapons. Casadevall, Arturo. Passive antibody administration immediate immunity as a specific defense against biological weapons. Emerging infectious diseases , v. Choffnes, Eileen. Germs on the loose. Cole, Leonard A. The specter of biological weapons. The impact of the development of modern biology and medicine on the evolution of offensive biological warfare programs in the twentieth century.

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Biological Warfare and Terrorism: The Military and Public Health Response (Part 4 of 6)

Postgraduate medicine , v. Gould, Stephen J. Above all, do no harm. Natural history , v. Smallpox as a biological weapon.

Inglesby, Thomas V. Anthrax as a biological weapon. Plague as a biological weapon. Gulf War syndrome--a model for the complexity of biological and environmental interaction with human health.

Biowarfare and Terrorism Biowarfare and Terrorism
Biowarfare and Terrorism Biowarfare and Terrorism
Biowarfare and Terrorism Biowarfare and Terrorism
Biowarfare and Terrorism Biowarfare and Terrorism
Biowarfare and Terrorism Biowarfare and Terrorism
Biowarfare and Terrorism Biowarfare and Terrorism
Biowarfare and Terrorism Biowarfare and Terrorism
Biowarfare and Terrorism Biowarfare and Terrorism
Biowarfare and Terrorism Biowarfare and Terrorism

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