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AB - Optimization under uncertainty has been an active area of research for many years. Abstract Optimization under uncertainty has been an active area of research for many years. Fingerprint Mathematical programming. Stochastic programming. Constrained optimization. Process engineering. Systems engineering.

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Keywords Decision rule Endogenous uncertainty Exogenous uncertainty Robust optimization Scenario generation Stochastic programming. Computers and Chemical Engineering , 91 , In: Computers and Chemical Engineering , Vol. Computers and Chemical Engineering. Grossmann, Ignacio E. In: Computers and Chemical Engineering. AU - Apap, Robert M.

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Boaz Barak and Oded Goldreich. On Tamper-Resistance from a Theoretical Viewpoint. Composability and On-Line Deniability of Authentication. Zero-Knowledge Proofs with Witness Elimination. On the Portability of Generalized Schnorr Proofs. Theory and Applications of Models of Computation, Unifying Zero-Knowledge Proofs of Knowledge. Co-sound Zero-Knowledge with Public Keys. Coercion Resistant End-to-end Voting. Privacy in Location-Based Applications, Pairing-Based Cryptography — Pairing , Computer Science - Theory and Applications, Randomizable Proofs and Delegatable Anonymous Credentials.

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Efficient Concurrent n poly logn -Simulatable Argument of Knowledge. Efficient Deniable Authentication for Signatures. Journal of Logic and Computation 18 :6, Theory of Computing Systems 43 :2, Journal of Cryptology 21 :3, Electronic Commerce Research 8 , International Journal of Information Security 7 :2, International Journal of Quantum Information 06 , Minds and Machines 18 :1, Discrete Event Dynamic Systems 18 :1, Rafael Pass and Alon Rosen. Chapter 15 Reasoning about Knowledge and Belief. Handbook of Knowledge Representation, Logic and Theory of Algorithms, Note bibliografiche.

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Mathematical Methods in Computer Science, Algorithms and Computation, Studia Logica 86 :3, Cynthia Dwork and Moni Naor. Zero Knowledge and Soundness Are Symmetric. The Complexity of Zero Knowledge. Fun with Algorithms, UbiComp Ubiquitous Computing, Proceedings of the IEEE 94 , Informatik - Forschung und Entwicklung 21 , Journal of Computer and System Sciences 72 :4, Electronic Notes in Theoretical Computer Science , Journal of Computer and System Sciences 72 :2, Salil P.

Irit Dinur and Omer Reingold. Critical Information Infrastructures Security, Formalizing Human Ignorance.

Advances in Computers

Watermarking Security: A Survey. Re-identifying Anonymous Nodes.


Location- and Context-Awareness, Games and the Impossibility of Realizable Ideal Functionality. STACS , Concurrent Zero-Knowledge with Timing, Revisited.

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Theoretical Computer Science, On Promise Problems: A Survey. Independent Zero-Knowledge Sets. Conditional Reactive Simulatability. Electronic Notes in Theoretical Computer Science :5, Journal of Computer Science and Technology 20 :6, The Journal of Logic and Algebraic Programming 64 :2, Information Processing Letters 94 :3, Automated Software Engineering 12 :2, Complexity: What, Why, and How. Computational Error and Complexity in Science and Engineering, Internet and Network Economics, Contemporary Cryptology, Foundations of Modern Cryptography. Implementation and Application of Automata, Quantum Interactive Proofs with Competing Provers.

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Reduction Zero-Knowledge. Equivocable and Extractable Commitment Schemes. Amortized E-Cash. Financial Cryptography, Privacy for the Stock Market. Rewrite Games.

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  7. Rewriting Techniques and Applications, Randomization and Approximation Techniques in Computer Science, Schlechtes in Gutes verwandeln. Das Affenpuzzle, Journal of Computer and System Sciences 63 :3, Computer Networks 36 :4, Information and Computation :1, Approximation Algorithms.

    Algorithmics for Hard Problems, Information Hiding, Informatics, Private Selective Payment Protocols. Identification Protocols Secure against Reset Attacks. Public Key Cryptography, On Interactive Proofs with a Laconic Prover. Strong Solutions to the Identification Problem.

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    Robust Non-interactive Zero Knowledge. Soundness in the Public-Key Model.

    Advances in Computers: 91 Advances in Computers: 91
    Advances in Computers: 91 Advances in Computers: 91
    Advances in Computers: 91 Advances in Computers: 91
    Advances in Computers: 91 Advances in Computers: 91
    Advances in Computers: 91 Advances in Computers: 91
    Advances in Computers: 91 Advances in Computers: 91
    Advances in Computers: 91 Advances in Computers: 91
    Advances in Computers: 91 Advances in Computers: 91

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