A Fox Called Woff

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I am the-fragrant! Roses line up just to get the-one whiff of me! What really the-stinks is your whole stupid existence!

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I feel like I've missed you but that doesn't the-make sense. Lann: Well, it's kind of a long story. Tama: You Tama: You the-make it sound like they're made of beef. Reynn: Ugh Yeah, Lann.

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Don't you know what's at "steak"? Lann: Okay, that does it! I'll show you which one of us has more brains!

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Reynn: That's what I'm scared of. Tama: We already know who's the-smarter.

Lann: I Lann: Please don't eat me! I taste awful! Reynn: Yeah!

A Fox Called Woff

We all taste bad! But especially Lann! Tama: He'll make you the-want to barf! Lann: You don't have to be mean about it! Lann: Ribbit, ribbity-ribbit, ribbiiit, ribbit! Is it just me, or does he look miffed? Tama: Lann! Where did you the-learn to talk like that? You need to go the-wash your mouth out with a bar of soap! Lann: What?!

Dude, what did I say?! Lann: Okay!


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Time to savage our reputation! Tama: All the-right! Let's the-savage it! Reynn: You want him to think we're even more incompete— Ok, whatever.

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Savage away! Big thanks to Brandon Schoech for creating this brilliant update. Comic Neue was launched in rough form on the 7th of April A month later it was launched as a Kickstarter project to fund expanding the font to support more than 40 languages. Technical aspects of the font were also greatly improved thanks to Hrant Papazian, owner of The MicroFoundry.

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The project was successfully funded on the 13 June thanks to the following backers:. Tobias Frere-Jones in spiegel. View the installation instructions. Full credit to Jerzy Glowacki for creating it. Say hello to an unlikely hero. Contributors Board Comic Neue was launched in rough form on the 7th of April As featured on

A Fox Called Woff A Fox Called Woff
A Fox Called Woff A Fox Called Woff
A Fox Called Woff A Fox Called Woff
A Fox Called Woff A Fox Called Woff
A Fox Called Woff A Fox Called Woff
A Fox Called Woff A Fox Called Woff

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